travelers palm
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travelers palm

Scientific Name: Ravenala madagascariensis


Common Names: Travelers Tree, Travelers Palm

Overview: The Ravenala Madagascariensis or Voyagers Palm isn’t a palm by any means, yet part of a blooming plant family local to Madagascar. The Explorers Palm develops to be gigantic, really a highlight for your finishing with its enormous leaves growing from long stems in a superb fan-molded design. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.

These celebrated trees have stories people love to share about them. Here is a genuine one: a dry explorer can punch a hole anyplace on this “palm” and find clean drinking water. Furthermore, here’s a bogus one: the plant’s leaves will continuously fill in an east-west course, so a lost explorer can track down their direction.

Best in full sun regions with a moderate measure of water, these trees develop tall – rapidly! In any case, when a trunk starts to create, the development rate eases back to a more safe speed.



Explorer’s tree is one of the special plants out there. Besides the fact that it has a novel shape, the varieties are likewise strange. This plant is otherwise called Voyagers Palm, however, it’s anything but a genuine palm. It is an individual from the Strelitziaceae family, which incorporates Banana Trees and the Bird of Heaven. The plant’s name comes from its set of experiences, where explorers utilized it to accumulate water. They would gather water from the bracts and the leaf bases. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.

The Explorers Palm is a tropical plant, local to the rainforests of Madagascar.

Caring for Your Travelers Palm

travelers palm

The Explorers Tree is the most ideal for hotter environments as it is a tropical plant, and if you need to guarantee that it develops to its maximum capacity, you should accept great consideration of it. This plant is regularly tall and can grow up to 30-50 feet. This care guide will assist you with realizing the very most ideal ways to deal with it. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


travelers palm

The Ravenala Madagascariensis is a huge tree, and it loves partaking in the splendid and direct daylight. You can keep it in the sunroom, or you can keep it before a southbound window. It is vital to give the plant the greatest light, or it will hinder development. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


travelers palm

While choosing the dirt for your plant, you should guarantee that it is rich and loamy. The corrosiveness levels ought to be gentle to give ideal circumstances for your plant. Also, well-depleting soil may not be the most ideal choice. All things considered, you ought to go for soil that holds water but doesn’t get stuck up. A standard preparing blend will do ponders for your plant. You can likewise incorporate things, for example, manure, which will assist with expanding waste. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


travelers palm

As the Explorer’s Palm is from the rainforest, it appreciates being wet more often than not. To this end, you ought to continue to water it consistently, so it doesn’t need to endure dry soil. During each watering cycle, you want to guarantee that the best two crawls of the dirt are dry so you don’t overwater them.


travelers palm

The Voyagers Palm appreciates composts that are high in Nitrogen. It is smart to prepare your plant once every season, besides in winter. The best composts incorporate sluggish delivery and fluid feeds that might be natural or engineered. Try not to add an excess of compost, as that can harm plants.

Common Issues

travelers palm

The leaves of the plant are fragile, making them more powerless to harm. While dealing with plants, you should guarantee that you take care of the relative multitude of normal issues you could confront. Attempt to protect the plant from high breezes, as that can hurt the leaves. We should study the bugs and illnesses you should watch out for while keeping a voyager’s palm. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


travelers palm

In general, the Voyagers Tree is nuisance-safe, and there are no such bugs that can cause huge harm to the plant. In any case, it is as yet helpless to every one of the nuisances that can hurt indoor plants. To keep that from occurring, you can add pesticides. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


travelers palm

travelers palm

A portion of the sicknesses incorporate the leaves of the plant becoming yellow. This typically occurs because of an absence of supplements, or on the other hand on the off chance that you end up over-watering the plant. In addition, it is likewise feasible for the passes to become brown. Earthy-colored leaves are an indication of over-preparation and on the off chance that the dirt doesn’t have great seepage.

Other than these issues, there are relatively few illnesses that can influence the Explorers Tree. It is viewed as sickness-safe.


travelers palm

There is no apparent need to prune the Voyagers Palm, however, to eliminate the root suckers from the foundation of the tree, you can prune it. In addition, to help spread, you can remove the tip of the stem, and the branch will break into two all alone.


The most ideal way to proliferate the Explorer’s Palm is to spread it utilizing division. You should just separate the established suckers. You can pull at them delicately, and afterward replant them any way you need. Assuming that the roots are tangled, you should delicately unravel them and plant the Voyagers Tree in very much circulated air through the soil to guarantee it is clammy. We’ll discuss in this article about travelers palm.


You ought to possibly repot the plant assuming you see that the roots are punching through the waste holes. For the most part, you should repot your plants once consistently. At the point when you repot the plant, you should pick a couple of inches greater pot than the past one.

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